About The Bros

The great thing about there being three of us is that we all bring our own unique experiences and personalities to each and every adventure we go on.

Muskoka Bro: David Weller

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors. When I was a kid it was about running through the fields at my grandparents farm or playing hide and seek in the barn or in their back woods. As a teen I fell in love when I went on my first Algonquin backpacking trip and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Muskoka Bro: Matt Gladwin

Growing up in the British Columbia wilderness I have always been exposed to the ruggedness of nature. Tree planting and then moving into being an arborist keeps me outside, but it’s when I can kick back and get away from the hectic busyness of life that I truly find my freedom.

Muskoka Bro: Dylan Sarrasin

Nature makes me happy. There’s something really freeing about getting to be away from the everyday, and hanging with my buds whilst doing it is all that much better. As a teen I got the opportunity to rough it on various backpacking trips and it’s just something I never get sick of.

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